Monday June 13, 2005

well, another month, another entry.

I’m in Richmond, VA for my brother’s high school graduation.  He’s hilarious.  On Friday, we dropped him off at the place, parked, and then walked into the arena.  After we sat down, I glanced at the program and said, “Uh, how come no one mentioned that Jonathan’s giving a speech???”  Tiffanie immediately said, “What are you talking about??  What are you looking at?”  Sure enough, Jonathan wanted to surprise us (and he did!) – there he was, listed as the Math/Science School speaker – students submit speeches and the class votes on who should give their speech.  So, he walks in near the front of the line and sits on stage with other speakers.  It was a GREAT speech.  Articulate, funny, and well-delivered.  It didn’t sound like a high school speech, not even a college speech maybe.  I felt really bad for the valedictorian and salutorian who went after him.  I guess the fact that it was so good made us unable to be mad at him for the surprise.  He’s all grown up now, so strange.  But I’m really proud of him.

In other Richmond news, I opened the paper today and saw that my 8th grade lab partner had gotten married.  Well, I’m pretty sure it’s her, Laurie might be a common name, but the picture looked like what I’d imagine her to look like, 15 years after I knew her…. 8th grade is always so awkward.  ha.

Tiffanie and I watched the last 2 episodes of Alias – the ones I missed from recweek – quite a cliffhanger.  Speaking of recweek, I’m _almost_ recovered from being sick since then.  Still a bit of a cough that sounds terrible but doesn’t feel all that bad.  I’ve kinda gotten used to it and might miss it when it’s gone.  Maybe I’ll name my cough.

I’m reading ‘the story of Christianity’ for a church history class I’m taking next month – and it’s fascinating!  I forgot how much I love history – I remember now that I had wanted to do both EE and history, but my parents really wanted EE and comp sci.  sad.

Finally, someone asked me recently who my role models are, and I had a hard time pinpointing.  I think I have different role models for different areas of life, but I’m not sure I like that either – I’d like to have some people I could name right off.  Anyone else want to share their role models?  Maybe another thing that is important is trying to _be_ a good role model?  (not in a presumptuous way of course…)   Hmm…


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