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day 7 – skype

So I had skype listed next in my list of things I’m thankful for, and coincidentally, got to skype with my sister and niece today.  🙂   I’m glad to be able to videochat with them, especially when the one of the main things I can do to entertain my niece involve peek-a-boo by sliding out of the frame of the webcam.   Today I also entertained her with a stuffed-animal otter – she loved it.

Skype was also great for talking with friends and family when I was in Hong Kong, and even now for really inexpensive phone calls back there to extended family.  As a sidenote, it’s also nice for any US toll-free calls, that way I don’t have to use up cell phone minutes being on hold.

These pictures are from a few months ago…

i must have done something funny

she wanted to talk to me from her little chair

now playing:  Miranda Stone –  Don’t You Cry Out


What a world!

I am trying this app that let’s me blog from my phone (!) and killing time in the austin airport. Soon I will meet up with a friend for breakfast near ORD before my sister, brother in law and niece arrive. Then it’s 15+ hours to HKG!

Been listening to a lot of Patty Griffin- “time will do the talking, years will do the walking…”

Time to let the plane do the flying…