the stuff of life (or not)

I’m moving apartments this weekend.  It’s just up the road a little, about a mile and a half.  But this move should be a lot easier than last time – I don’t have to pack so sturdily, and there’s not as much emotional attachment to this apartment.  In fact, I’m ready to start over – now that I have some more footing in California – I’m ready to be in a new place.

I just packed up my guitar, and remembered that when I drove out I had put only the most important stuff in my car.  Besides some clothes and stuff for arrival, I packed in my legal documents, bike, guitar, computer, scrapbooks, a teddy bear, friend Carrie, and a thick file folder of all the sermons I’ve ever given.  [I print my sermons out and scribble added things in the margins – they’re always better after giving them.]

In a way, I miss that simplicity.

I’m grateful for all the other furniture and clothes, etc.  but apparently, when it comes down to it, I care about just a few things.  And even those things, I could live without.  I am not the sum of my stuff – houses I own, sermons I’ve given, or great hobbies.

That’s reassuring.


3 thoughts on “the stuff of life (or not)

  1. jenny

    Ah, the fiberglass lighting of a moving van… gotta love it.
    Well, truthfully, no you don’t; I do NOT miss it, despite the strange nostalgia I feel looking at that photo! Such mixed feelings!
    Anyway! Hope you enjoy your new place!!!!! I love reading your updates; we miss you!

  2. jenny

    btw, I don’t know how wordpress works, but that last comment was from the Jenny belonging to the Sims clan.

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