favorites (new and old)

new favorite restaurant: tofu house (for soondubu!)

new favorite accessory: scarves (purple, burnt orange, bright pink, shiny blue, red, and various patterns)

new favorite grocery store: tie between Trader Joe’s and Ranch 99

new language I am learning: koine greek  (jury is still out on whether I know the verb tenses)

what I miss most:

quirky, artsy, every-week-eucharist, and God-seeking family: mosaic*

best anytime food: breakfast tacos the NYTimes agrees with me

crazy cool staff and students: UT Austin

a great gift from God with an orange/red room and a view of beautiful sunsets:  my mueller townhouse

That’s all for now.  I was procrastinating a paper earlier and started this.  Now I’m procrastinating studying the above-mentioned Greek verbs.

*9 years ago tonight I went to a house in East Austin for the 1st interest meeting for a new church.  It was an awkward hangout with the Seays and Vanderslices since no one else came.  I love that Mosaic has so many awkward stories in our history. 🙂


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