grace notes

Coming back to the Bay Area has been a little strange – most recently with sort of non-friendly church people this morning… but I think it’s probably more helpful to dwell on the quick notes of grace I’ve seen in the last month…

– good time with my godson, Macrae and family before Christmas.  I also got a nice letter from him this week!

– a white Christmas in Virginia – sitting on the front porch on Christmas night and watching the snow fall quietly down.

– reading books with my niece, Abby, and generally hanging out with family.  

– watching True Grit at the Alamo Drafthouse with good friends.  Laughing, crying, and being just a little bit scared!

– crashing my friends’ dinner co-op potluck.  Great food, and the realization that I’m funnier in Texas!  Alright, not really, but just the remembrance of what it’s like to be in one’s element – I felt more at ease there and cracked more jokes because it felt familiar.

– catching up with lots of InterVarsity friends at the Staff Conference  – including a run-in with a ‘white-noise giraffe’

– unexpectedly being able to get soondubu (Korean tofu stew) on the way home from the SFO airport

-having a meeting in the new office!

-chicken feet in the free soup from my new favorite chinese takeout place.  I did not know that takeout could be so legit.

– package from Christmas with warm slippers and clothes

– a beautiful sunny morning and bike ride around the Los Gatos reservoir yesterday.

that’s all for now.

now listening:  Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart


4 thoughts on “grace notes

  1. jenny sims

    your niece is sooo unbelievably cute. and I can’t tell you how much I adore that she’s holding a power screwdriver.
    and while I’m not sure I understand the appeal of chicken feet, 🙂 I find your list of God’s grace encouraging and inspiring. I need to keep track of those things, too.

    1. sabrinachannel Post author

      oh yes – my sister and brother-in-law got her this awesome toy that includes the power tool with 3 different bits, and a truck that you can take apart and put back together using the tool – even the tires! (has a spare tire too that’s bolted on). She’s great.
      And yes – funny that grace can come in chicken feet… strange stuff, that grace. 😉

  2. Sarah

    I cannot believe how big both of those kiddos are. How is it they age so much and you and I haven’t aged a day? 🙂


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