what a difference a year makes

A year ago, I came to California to see whether I wanted to move here.  Well, at least to check out the job I’d take here.  I’d of course been to the Bay Area many many times.  And then, three months ago – I finally moved.

So here I am.  Not a study abroad… not on some sort of extended trip… definitely here in this crazy Giants-loving land.

I’m still excited about the job – even more so than last year.  I like the staff and am enjoying seeing the ministries at the different campuses.  I feel like I have something to contribute to our area and region.

I like school.  Reading the New Testament in Greek is really rich.  And my spiritual disciplines class has fed my soul.  I like the biking.  I love easy access to good Asian food.  I like Caltrain and how it helps me get to the city easily with my bike too.

But it’s nights like tonight (I wrote this on Saturday) that I most miss my Austin friends.  I had class all day, and was a little bit tired so wanted to hang out with people that know me.  The kind of people whose parties I always go to, or come to mine.  The ones that I can call when I haven’t planned well for the weekend and can just see if they’re up for something or when I go to their house I can bike over all grungy.  The ones who visit when I’m crazy sick.  The people who’ve seen me do stupid stuff and still love me.  The ones I see week in and week out.

This is the stuff of shared experience, of life together, and I know… it takes time.  Hopefully, another year makes a big difference.  I’m depending on it.

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