new things are exciting but tiring

The other day in conversation I called California ‘home.’  It was probably because I was on vacation in Hawai’i, but I decided to take it as a sign of adjusting.  🙂

Here’s an interesting view I caught on my camera.  The green glow is the fishing lure of the guy standing a few feet away.  It was a lovely bike ride.

When the plane was taking off from SFO last week, I leaned forward to look out the window, fully expecting to see Austin below me.  I always liked being able to see my neighborhood and house as we took off.  Of course, that was quickly rebutted when I saw “South San Francisco  the Industrial City” on the ground in big white letters.  And seeing the city from the air was beautiful – a very different kind of beautiful.

Last week I dreamed I was back in Austin – I think for a visit.  I went to Flightpath, I went to liturgy, I saw friends.  I think towards the end I knew that it was a dream, but I was trying to stay in it.  (No dreams within a dream, though).

I met with my new staff recently – I really like them!  We had our area team retreat at an amazing house with beautiful deck space.  The deck was built to accommodate the 12 redwood trees in back of the house.  Wow!  I’m pretty excited about getting to work with them – the schools are quarter schools which means we still have a week or two before school starts.

Experiencing new things and letting go of old things is exhausting.  On vacation I averaged more than 10 hours of sleep a night.  The vacation was perfect – allowing me to detox out some of that stress with lots of outdoor adventures, swimming in the ocean, and eating wonderful food with good friends.

Oh, and today I finally got that haircut I was talking about.  More transitions.  Ha!

now playing:  Boy Lilikoi – Jonsi (of Sigur Ros)


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