–  Foster’s Freeze ≈ Dairy Queen (but obviously not the Texas stop sign).  The one my friends took me to was outside though, like a stand.  Maybe they’re all like that?  That would also not work in Texas.

‘Big’ is definitely relative. I was trying to explain to a friend which Safeway I had gone to on such and such a street, and she said, “Oh, the really big one?”  And I said, “Um, no – it was about average size, not that big… oh but wait, I’m from Texas – maybe it is the big one?”  And it was.

– I bought some cans of Coke today and learned firsthand about California Redemption Value.  My sister and I used to look at cans and bottles sometimes and see that you could get money for them in states like Michigan and California.  We used to be jealous, but of course, we weren’t the ones buying the Cokes back then.

I’m a little slow at the trash area of restaurants when I have to figure out what’s compost, what’s recycling and what’s trash.  But I love that they do it.

–  They sell Chinese sausages (lap cheong) at Costco.  Pretty awesome.  (This is where my family inserts the joke, ‘lap cheong don’t grow on trees!’)

– There are a lot of Asian Americans here.  My main framework for hearing Cantonese out in public is when my family is around.  Here, it happens almost every day.   Also, when picking up pictures at Walgreens, there were only like 3 bags of pictures in the ‘C’ box, but the cashier had to check my first name because there was another Chan in the box.

As a kid, when I felt uncomfortably different, Mom would point out that Chan is the most common last name in China.  It didn’t really help my 5 year old self very much, but it was fun today.

–  When there is no sunlight, it is cold.  Very cold.  So, the shade – cold.  In the sun – I’m probably ok.  Unless it’s windy.   Or unless I’m next to the water – oh – right, there’s a bay and an ocean nearby.  Ok, so I am cold a lot.

That’s all for now – more observations tomorrow.  And perhaps a longer observation on how moving is a bit like an amicable break-up.  But only if I unpack a few more boxes first.

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5 thoughts on “observations

  1. Tiffanie

    Wait, so how does the redemption thing work? I STILL don’t understand!

    I had to tell someone last night that Chan is super-common in China after they asked (jokingly, I hope) if I was related to Jackie Chan.

    1. Geoffrey

      When I first came to the US, I used to tell them (if they asked, that is) that Charlie is my great great uncle.

  2. sabrinachannel Post author

    Tiff – you pay 5 cents per can or bottle in addition to the price of the cokes or whatever. Then, if you take the empties to the recycling center you get 5 cents back.

    Chase – I’l keep that in mind. 🙂

  3. Tim

    You can also travel into the city at night/early AM and raid everyone’s blue recycle bins that they put out curbside for the garbage men to pick up.

    That’s a pretty popular practice as a lot of ppl seem to do it in the city.

    Doing the same with cardboard boxes are also extremely trendy, but you would need to get a large box truck for that.


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