Thought I’d jot down a few highlights from the move thus far… you know, because it’s good to be thankful.

– had a surprisingly enjoyable time packing (most of the time).  Had lots of great help from friends, and managed to have some fun in there too!  One of my favorite parts was making a big to-do about taping up the last box with JBand MF, and then realizing that it wasn’t the last box at all.  There were 3 more boxes upstairs that needed to be taped. Haha!

fun while packing

– felt very sent and loved by Austin folks, especially that last liturgy at Mosaic.  hard to believe it was just a week ago – I really feel like those prayers are carrying me through these days.

– the roadtrip was super-great.  Sherman was wonderful and had no overheating problems.  Here’s what Carrie had to say about it…

Day 1: Austin-Phoenix, lots of loopy video diaries recorded in the car, finale with generous, hospitable Archers letting us stay with them. Day2: Phoenix-Palo Alto, a “short” surprise stop in LA where I accidentally bumped into several dear Fuller friends who got to meet Sabrina Chan, then an incredible drive up the 5. I finished reading all the Mosaic prayers to Sabrina as we exited the highway and made way for her apartment complex. The last one read as we pulled into her new parking space, we both choked back tears and hugged at our arrival to her beautiful new home…

Yeah, it was a pretty great drive, with a pretty perfect ending.

– happy days sightseeing in SF with Carrie…. beautiful redwoods, walking around town, and also winning the $25 tickets to Wicked on Friday night.  It was incredible.  Seriously amazing – we were so close and the show is so good!

fun on cable cars

– speaking of Carrie – best moving buddy ever.  Let me be sad when I needed to be sad, was excited for me at all the right times, and likes driving.  Oh, and lots of other great friend things too. 🙂  It was real tough to say goodbye… but I was so glad she chose to come.

– OK, on to a random thing – a bird sliding down a banister at Pier 39.  seriously.  it was amazing.

– bike rides in Palo Alto – so many people bike here, young and old alike.  Today’s ride was to the Fuller location to test that out – and it was a little over 4 miles.  One route on the bike paths only has 1 traffic light!  And the other route is a little shorter with more stoplights but goes through downtown Palo Alto… and has a tunnel!

– meals with friends – SE and JE, JH and NH, JS, AS, and house, CT and PT… it’s been nice to be with great people.

Well, hopefully the movers arrive tomorrow with my stuff mostly intact.  So I should get some rest before a long day.  More updates soon.


5 thoughts on “highlights

  1. sabrinachannel Post author

    oh yeah! I forgot about how the tape ran out on that last last box!!! HAHAHA. The stuff is en route, so we’ll see how it all fared. 🙂 and yes, having fun. There’s lots of losses to mourn too, and I know that will come in time too, but glad for the fun too.

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