a good day (and an even better night)

Less verbiage, more pictures.  How about it?

Ok – a few words.  Many thanks to SL who helped me clean out my office today.  These picture for JS who said I needed to take a picture…

empty office

amazed that it's done

And then more packing at home – with help from JM got pictures, glass, and wall hangings packed as well as the electronics.  No small feat.  It’s starting to look like pre-move in.

Then time for fun – a last Monday night ride with summer bike gang.  On the way out of the neighborhood, I took this. 🙂

don't worry, the road was empty

According to the speedometer, that was at 17.6 mph.  Fun times.

We hit up Tapioca House, and then the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge – one of my favorite sunset spots.

sunset on the pedestrian bridge

And finally, the Long Center – which I hadn’t been up to and from far away kinda looks like the Star Trek Enterprise.

rock stars


And while I loved the self-portrait on my bike – I think this one might be favorite of the whole night.


A great night.  Thanks to the packing helpers of the past few days who helped make this possible – I didn’t feel too stressed to go on the ride.  And of course, to all my fellow bike-gangers of the last year – I salute you. 🙂

now playing:  Beautiful Day – U2


3 thoughts on “a good day (and an even better night)

  1. sabrinachannel Post author

    Heh – I noticed that in the picture too – don’t know if it was because of the angle I tilted my head or what, but I don’t normally think it’s loose… I’m building up to a no-hands picture. 🙂


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