2 posts in half a day?  What’s going on?  Well, I had some more thoughts. 🙂

On my lovely bike ride home tonight I decided that I will believe that transition is a really good thing.  Sounds simple, but that’s a big deal for me – I’ve been well-trained to fear change, especially when right now most of what I can see in front of me are the things and people I’m leaving here in Austin.

BUT there are some very good things to be excited about – and I started making a list of things I’m looking forward to so that I can also be thinking about the things that are just around the corner!  Ahem, so in no particular order…

  • learning new bike routes, lovely bike rides home, and being able to ride all-year round
  • getting to know my new area and regional staff teams – learning to love, lead, and serve staff in a new context
  • being a part of growing IV ministry in the Bay Area
  • really really yummy Asian food all-around  (There are no fire ants in california, and the streets are paved with asian food?)
  • being in coffee-date distance of dear friends I’ve never lived near!
  • finishing up this master’s degree – I’m looking forward to taking Greek, Hebrew, homiletics, etc.
  • hanging out with redwood trees and going to see otters
  • reading a book on the balcony at my new apartment
  • being super close to fabulous west coast destinations like Vancouver, Oahu, Seattle, Portland, Yosemite, LA, etc.
  • proximity to the ocean and mountains
  • Trader Joe’s

Feel free to add more things I should look forward to in the comments. 🙂

Oh, and another way to look forward – I will be choosing happy music for the remainder of packing time.  Exceptions can be made if the situation warrants, but default will be happy music.

*Califorward motto created by Kate the Great.  All Rights Reserved.

now playing:  Need A Love – Dakoda Motor Company – yes, more music I uncovered today. 🙂


9 thoughts on “CaliForward!*

  1. jessica

    dakoda motor company, omg! haven’t thought about them in forever!

    -beautiful beaches
    -fantastic bookstores!
    -fantastic wine!
    -public transportation
    -movie stars 😀
    -good music (e.g. dakoda motor company, haha!)

  2. juliana

    I cannot overemphasize the ocean. Ocean hikes, lazy beach days, walks on the beach, exploring tide pools, watching the fog roll in, the list could go on. Monterey Bay Aquarium! Big Sur!

    My mom has a cabin at Tahoe that I am sure you could borrow if you wanted to go to Tahoe – just lemme know. Tahoe – lots of beautiful and soul-refreshing hikes, skiing, and playing on the beach.

    Do you like wine? If so, lots of wine tasting (I like the foothills because it is lower key, free, and just more my style than Napa, but there’s a LOT to choose from).

    I like your list. 🙂 Makes me feel Cali-proud.

  3. sabrinachannel Post author

    jbeck – yes! you should listen to dmc – happy stuff. and ooh movie stars… 🙂

    julie – tahoe sounds really lovely – almost went camping there a few years ago but chose big sur instead. you can be sure i’ll be asking you about borrowing cabin-time sometime! wow wow! can’t wait til i feel cali-proud too. can i still keep my texas-proud? 🙂

  4. Chase

    I was going to mention the wine too. Not only is it easier to find good wine, but it’s cheap too! Even if you aren’t a wine person, you’ll probably find some wine to like in California.

  5. a.

    Dude, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to be “super close” to all those places (I once drove Oakland to Bellingham, it was a LONG day)(I guess it’s a cheaper flight to Oahu? Maybe?). On the other hand, the rest of the joys you describe are real…I look fwd to more stories from you as you settle in!

  6. sabrinachannel Post author

    a – to be more precise, perhaps I should have said relative to how far away I am now. 🙂 Ad though I don’t balk at driving long distances – I was thinking plane flights and cost. I’ve already looked at flights to Oahu and they are half as much as I’ve paid from here… woohoo!

  7. sabrinachannel Post author

    I think in-n-out got overhyped for me. It’s good, but I don’t find it something I look forward to… but hey, maybe I’ll grow to love it? But sushi, now that’s exciting!!! 😀 deedee- i dunno what ‘taking care’ means, but i’ll try and enjoy it!


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