bouncing around the room

I have lots of thoughts in my head, and just thought of that phish song from the early 90s – it’s like my thoughts are bouncing… The song probably has to do with drugs, but I remember it being well, bouncy and fun.  Anyway, I’ll only write about one of the thoughts from today…

empty bookshelves -- full boxes

When the books get packed – the move is real.  I’m not sure why I think that way, but I can remember now when F and R came and helped me start packing the bookcase when I moved from Houston to Austin 9 years ago.

I’ve had various people over the last few days helping pack, and today finally sealed up 11 big boxes worth of books (still one or two to be sealed).  I have grown from using one bookcase to overflowing on 3 bookcases.

I hate sealing boxes.  I can stick things in them and rearrange forever, but sealing them takes work.  And I was grateful to have a friend over to help tape them shut.  She also valued books as much as I do and put up with my rearranging so as to keep the prized books in the center of boxes and farthest from being hurt…

Just now, I was working on packing CDs.  And was just thinking about how my books and CDs are some of my most favorite possessions.  And it’s not really about being a consumer or collector for me,  but about the ideas and expression that come through in both media.  It feels weird for them all to be in boxes, but just makes the move more real.

I wondered aloud with my friend about what it will be like when I unpack these boxes.  Will I have someone around to help lovingly unpack these book friends?  Will I be excited?  Sad?  Relieved? All of the above?  Ah, the adventure of moving…  OK, that was more than one thought.  More later.

now playing:  I Would Drown – Chasing Furies – yes, I’ve been packing CDs and found this one again.  forgot how much I liked it…


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