Dear house… part 3

Dear House,

I have never seen it live and in person, but plenty of cartoons talk about how the mama bird tries to teach a baby bird how to fly.  Encouraging them, talking to them… I’ve tried that – even lowered the price to $135,500.

The cartoons also show that sometimes the baby bird has to be pushed out of the nest in order to help it fly.  You know, maybe you’re scared to go out into the world, scared of new owners?  Well, just know that if I could push a 3 bedroom 2 bath structure, I totally would.  It’s time to leave!  Fly, little house, fly!

You do know I’m moving out of state, right?  I won’t be around to check on you anyway, so just go find some new owners please?   Or I will have to find some nice renters to take care of you and pay the bills.  I don’t want to do it, but I will if I have to…

By the way, you still look good.  But seriously, please fly!



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