anaphylactic shock – learned to spell it a year ago

my view of the ambulance. well, actually I really saw the ceiling more...

A year ago today I had my first (and hopefully last) ambulance ride.

Because of course:

anemia –> iron-deficiency –> iron dextran infusion –> anaphylactic shock

(for me, anaphylactic shock was nausea,abdominal pain, unable to breathe, muscles all cramping up, tingly and cold all over)

Thankfully, there haven’t been any lasting effects that I know of.  I’m getting more bloodwork on Monday to check my iron levels, which have been good since they did manage to get a bunch of iron in me last April.

I won’t recap all the lessons learned from the ER, but I am still ever grateful to friends who looked out for me in the recovery time.  I just re-read that post and was intrigued that I wrote about Psalm 23.  It’s also the text I chose earlier for my sermon on Sunday – I had forgotten about its relevance to this day.

I’m planning to take a break from writing the sermon to celebrate life by looking at some wildflowers and catching the sunset.  Hope you are able to celebrate life today too!


2 thoughts on “anaphylactic shock – learned to spell it a year ago

  1. sophia

    i’m glad you’re alive sabrina!

    i dont know if i ever told you but i had anaphylactic shock 3x. 1st time i was lucky i survived, 2nd time i almost died, 3rd time i went to the ER.

    for me it was itchy palms/neck/feet -> hives all over -> immediate sense of dying (i felt like the world was going to end) -> immediate shortness of breath (i turned blue and became delirious).

    praise God for life.

  2. sabrinachannel Post author

    Wow, Sophia I didn’t know that! I’m glad you’re alive too! Was it a long time ago? or more recent? Do you have to be super-careful about what you’re allergic to?


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