Dear House on Brookfield

Dear House on Brookfield,

We’ve had some great times, haven’t we? I’ve learned a lot from you – including:

  • patience and perseverance as I’ve tended the lawn and tried to beat back the weeds
  • joy and hospitality at having countless friends over and AACM student gatherings in the gigantic living/dining room
  • community from the 10+ roommates I lived with in those 6 years, and the closeness of having my godson and his family live nearby for a couple
  • zaniness from that crazy light fixture above the dining room table
  • how to caulk, grout, paint, install blinds and light fixtures, recover from a damaging hailstorm, and take apart a washing machine
  • that God gives good gifts for me to steward

It’s been a good run. But really, I think it’s over. I’m ready for you to go. Please find yourself another owner. I tried to end things in 2005, but you stuck around, and then again in 2008. They say the third time’s the charm?

Sabrina (you know I live elsewhere now, right?)

PS – I suppose if you stick around it must mean there’s still some stuff I need to learn from you. If so, could you give me the cheat sheet?

PPS – if anyone else is looking for a house to buy –


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