11 and 12

I know you’ve all been waiting nervously (not), so  I best finish this up because it’s almost Christmas!   11 – my team of supporters, and 12 – The West Wing.

11.  All InterVarsity staff raise support – sometimes it’s hard, or stressful, or just plain scary.  It messes with my desire for control, reveals my real beliefs and feelings about money, value, and my own sense of pride.

It’s also an amazing thing.  Because when I say support, I don’t just mean financial.  Many on my team of supporers do support my ministry financially through their giving.  And that is really important and needed.  But just as needed, if not more needed – are the prayers of the people.

Tonight I got to see a bunch of folks at my Richmond church who are on my team.  One of them mentioned that he prays for me every day, and talked about how he got his call to the mission field at Urbana ’57.  There are a bunch of supporters who have told me they pray for me every day or every week – I am so blessed and humbled.

It’s humbling at times to be honest with how I’m doing.  No one likes showing weakness, and especially to people who are giving.  But I trust that I need the prayers more, and that God will provide.  And He has.  Raising support has been a huge journey of trusting God, and relying on Him and others.  Sometimes it feels like the manna in the desert – I can’t store it up, but there’s always enough.  I’m thankful.

12.  I didn’t get into The West Wing that much when it was on-air.  I remember watching a few episodes with the Hankes, but in those years before internet viewing, I always had small group or was working on the nights it was on.  But Tiffanie got into it, and when she was sick, it became an important part of hanging out with her after chemo.  And I was hooked…

I love the ensemble cast, the amazing dialogue, and the things I can learn about just from watching a tv show.  I bought the complete series off of ebay in June, and have been working my way through it.  I’m in season 6 now, and find myself going slower because I know when I get to the end it’ll be over.  I’ve written more about it previously, particularly the way the team is a missional community.

And now, a review of the 12 days of thanksgiving…

1. family

2. friends

3. health

4. my house

5. bikes

6. sunsets

7. skype

8. mosaic (my church)

9. hk trips and family

10. central texas staff team

11. team of supporters

12. the west wing

The last month or so has been really hard, but there’s still a lot to be thankful for and so I’m practicing thankfulness and the discipline of waiting in Advent.  Thanks for listening in.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

now playing:  Balmorhea – Truth


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