day 10 – central texas staff team

A year ago I was spending my first few days in Hong Kong with extended family.  It was wonderful, and I miss them.  I had forgotten though that since I was on sabbatical, I missed our regional staff team’s Christmas party.  So, it was great this year to be able to celebrate with them.

I love this team – getting to minister alongside and partner with them has been such an amazing gift.  There’s something about working things out in ministry together that is beautiful, difficult, and bonding – all at the same time.

The first few years I loved being a part of this team, and now in my sixth (!) year of leading the team – I’m still very thankful.  🙂  The team has changed a lot – and it’s been wonderful to see where God’s taken people, as well as who’s been added!

Thanks be to God.

now playing: Balmorhea – Harm & Boon


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