I still have 3 more days of thanksgiving left, and they are really good ones.  And I missed a day already, but it’s because I’ve been working hard on a 12 page paper for my Early Church History class.  It’s mostly been a really hard process, what with lots of work and personal things going on.  Also, I never wrote papers in undergrad, being an engineer and all – it’s not very easy for me!

But just now, I was reading more stuff about early church baptism, and I had a bit of excitement and joy at studying.  It really is a privilege to learn.  The thought that came to mind was the Eric Lidell quote, ‘When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.’  And I can’t say that all the time about studying or writing, but let the record show, that I think I did just now.  🙂   Either that, or it’s a sugar high from the chocolate chip cookies that a friend just brought by.

I hope I still feel similarly tomorrow when I’m in the home stretch of the paper, and later this week studying for the final!

Back to work.

now playing: The Shanghai Restoration Project – Preface


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