day 9 – recent trips to hong kong

I had planned out this list over Thanksgiving weekend, and today was for trips to Hong Kong.  In another weird coincidence, I just watched last night’s flashforward episode which spends a lot of time in… you guessed it, Hong Kong.  Though, their version of the city was pretty awful.  Lots of rice paddy hats and old-school clothes, none of the modern stuff.  Very strange.

Anyway, I’m tired and having a really hard time focusing today, so this is short.  I am really thankful for my trips to Hong Kong in the last year.  I realized that in the past year, I’ve spent 63 days there, which is about 17.3% of the year.  (Apparently, I can be unfocused and still like numbers.)

There’s lots to like – amazing food, public transportation, good shopping, improving my Cantonese skills, sights, sounds, and lights, oh, and the food (again).

But by far, the number one thing about being there is being with my extended family.  I’ve written extensively about that and my trips before, so hit this link to see all the posts about Hong Kong.

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