thanks for another day

Day 6 is another day that I choose to be thankful.  I don’t feel much like writing today, but maybe on a day like today it is even more important to write something I’m thankful for.

So today I choose sunsets.  I love sunsets, which is a great thing to love because there’s one every day… and it’s much higher probability I’ll see sunset as opposed to sunrises.   I love the way the sky turns colors – purples, pinks, blues, orange, red, and sometimes all at once!  God is a creative painter.

The rhythm of sunset and sunrise remind me that there are things far more constant than how I feel or what I think today.  Each day, no matter how good or how bad, the sun sets, and the next morning, rises again.

Here are a few of my favorite ones over the years:

now listening:  Jon Foreman – The Cure for Pain


3 thoughts on “thanks for another day

  1. sabrinachannel Post author

    yeah! I’m proud of that picture – one of my first more ‘artsy’ pictures I took. It was back when cameras used film… I didn’t know the picture had turned out so well til weeks later when I got them developed!

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