day 5 is for bikes

I used to ride my bike all the time when I was small, down our dead-end street into a methodist church parking lot in the West End.  Then later in a cul-de-sac on the south side.   And then I really didn’t ride a bike for almost 15 years (except that one year at Rice when I rode for Hanszen and crashed with another biker, yes, that put me off bikes for awhile).

But a couple years ago I started thinking about trying to bike commute – the ultimate in efficiency – exercise, commuting, and being environmentally friendly all at once.  So I tried it out and liked it, and commuted sometimes from my old house to the office – 7.5 miles each way.

Last winter I moved a lot closer in, and cut the bike commute in half, which made it more doable.  The spring was a wash because of all the health stuff.  But this August and September, I caught the biking bug again via my local bike gang.  Biking with others a lot of fun (more on that after the 12 days…)  and I also learned more of the routes in this part of town.  I can bike to the office, church, small group, various coffee shops, and many friends’ houses.

It takes some planning for sure – but that also allows for a sense of freedom on the road.  I love seeing the city from a different perspective, and feeling the wind or sun.  I’m thankful that I can enjoy the ride, and that my body + mechanical advantage can get me somewhere fairly quickly and efficiently.  (Is there mechanical advantage in a bike?  i think so, but bonus points if you can explain it!)

Here’s part of my world as seen from a bike.  The parts that I could capture on a cell phone camera, at least.

now playing:  Keane – Everybody’s Changing


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