day 4

It’s day four of my ‘twelve days of thanksgiving’ – I don’t think it’s catchy enough for a thanksgiving carol though.

For those who noticed that I didn’t start with anything overtly spiritual, that was intentional.  I’m supremely thankful for God’s grace in my life, and think of this list as evidence of God’s grace to me.  So yes, I’m thankful for God’s unfailing love to me and am choosing to recognize the ways that is played out in big and small ways.

Today, I’m thankful for my townhouse and my neighborhood.  It was so stressful last year to be trying to move in here, and it is a gift from God to be in this new place.  I especially love the little kitchen island, the fact that I don’t have to take care of a yard, and the upstairs back windows.  I get to see the most gorgeous colors in the sky each night when the sun is going down out those windows.  I love the neighborhood – wonderful parks so close to walk in or sit in or just plain admire.

Here’s some photos from walks around the neighborhood and my housewarming party.  Thank God with me, and if you haven’t already gotten to come visit, hope you will soon!

*I’m a little late posting this because of fun times with a friend tonight, oops!  We’ll see if I can be more timely tomorrow… er, today. 🙂

now playing: Lucy Wainwright Roche – Chicago


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