12 days of thanksgiving

I’ve been wanting to write here again and have had bursts of inspiration that never amounted to actual writing.  But what better way to start again than with the 12 days of Thanksgiving?  I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I’ve already missed the first few days of my made-up 12 days.  So I’ll jump right in.

1.  Family

Yes, I know super-predictable, but would you keep reading the next 9 days if I started with my quirkiest one?  I’ve gotten to see them a lot this year, with J’s graduation and Dad’s birthday, too.  We have a lot of fun together, and especially enjoy watching the kiddo run around and do all the things cute toddlers do.  Here’s a shot of my immediate family when they all came to visit Austin a few weeks ago.

And I’ve been super blessed to get to visit extended family twice in Hong Kong this last year.  I loved being able to spend  time with my many aunts, uncles, and cousins – I miss them!

2.  Friends

You know who you are – and with apologies to the facebook folks, it’s not all y’all.  🙂    I’m talking about the ones (past and present, near and far) with whom I’ve laughed, cried, prayed, stayed up late, shared amazing meals, lived life, goofed off,  and more.  Perhaps another time I’ll write a longer tribute to friendship.  For now, I’ll get up to speed for today (Saturday) for #3…

3.  Good Health

I know, it’s another common one – but there’s a reason for that, right?  I’ve had more than my fair share of weird medical things, and this year I added to that list with anaphylactic shock and an ambulance ride to the ER.  In the recovery time, I was also super-grateful to my community here in Austin that looked out for me.  They brought food, kept me company, cheered me up, and helped me get stuff while I was laid up on the couch.

There’s nothing like a good scare to remind us how thankful we should be.  I’d love to hear (or read in the comments) what aspects of your family, friends, and health you’re thankful for!

Now off to go figure out days 4-12 of thanksgiving.

(now listening:  Rob Thomas – Someday)


3 thoughts on “12 days of thanksgiving

  1. soapie

    i enjoy reading what you are thankful for. =)

    seeing the photo of your family is very heartwarming; i know how special they are to you and i remember how we prayed together for your family (as well as mine) when you were our SG leader. =) it blesses me to see how God has provided for you and your family over the years.

    1. sabrinachannel Post author

      aw, thanks Sophia. And thanks for reminding me that we prayed for our families back then – good reminder of God’s faithfulness.

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