of food and friends

A lazy blog post – I just got back from Terraburger on the drag.  I love burgers, and this one did not disappoint.  It’s a tad on the pricey side ($8 combos on Sunday, other days, $8.75), but actually, that’s including tax so it ain’t bad.  Comes with a choice of sweet potato fries, regular, or half and half  (get sweet potato!), and also a drink.  They only serve cane sugar sweetened sodas, and they are good.  There’s parking in the back (woohoo!) and they also serve milkshakes and coffee.

It was really nice to sit with friends after church and just hang out – be silly, catch up, etc.  Food is good stuff, but good food with good people is what makes it great.  Oh, that, and the music they were playing – a Police cover album with just some really weird covers.  I can’t find it online (it’s not the reggae one, but there were reggae songs…)  It was hilarious to see what song would play next.

As a side note, I’m also currently hooked on the combination of Sweet Leaf tea (the regular) and milk.  Mix it up half/half and you have an approximation of Hong Kong lai cha (milk tea).  Yum.  (and thanks to Jocelyn for that tip – see, food and friends again!)

Off to write this paper on Philippians 3.  Perhaps in the best way, it has also been writing me.

(now listening:  Pandora station – The Police)


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