unidentified sushi help?

Still need help identifying this sushi.  Here is another shot (of the other side).  It is a little blurry because it was moving, but you can kinda see the little cartilagey-looking part facing us maybe?

USO - unidentified sushi object...

USO - unidentified sushi object...

see previous post for original shot.

She said it didn’t really taste like fish… it tasted very (insert Cantonese word here that I can’t really translate… ‘seng’)



4 thoughts on “unidentified sushi help?

  1. tODD

    I’ll guess it’s mirugai, which is often translated as “giant clam”, but which I just looked up to discover is actually geoduck. Anyhow, the bit with the red tips in your other photo definitely looks like it.

  2. sabrinachannel Post author

    huh! interesting – will have to google image search those. isn’t geoduck an interesting name?

  3. Judy

    Aw man…I was hoping to be first to say it looked like clam! Never had it, but based on your description, don’t think I’ll have it anytime soon!


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