with a l’il help from emma thompson

We’ve made it to Hong Kong!  Despite the 3+ hour delay from O’Hare, we still managed to beat Typhoon Molave, which meant that we could land (a few hours more and we’d have been diverted to Taiwan).  The typhoon has passed – lots of strong winds and a l’il rain.

The sweet buhbee did great, sleeping most of the trip (!) but then that of course means she didn’t sleep much last night.  Poor thing, international travel is tough on adults who logically understand time changes and airplanes… must be so confusing for the little ones.

This adult tried to get more “Theology of the Johannine Epistles” read for class, and to finish a report for work – but it was pretty tough going.  Just when I thought I was going to lose it on the plane, they showed “Last Chance Harvey” – I hadn’t heard of it, but I enjoyed watching Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman in it.

She is such a great actress!!  I just read on IMDB that she was offered the role of “God” in Dogma, but couldn’t do it because she was pregnant… Alanis does a great job in that final sequence, but it makes me smile that it could have been Emma.  🙂

Alright, more updates to follow.  Time to go rouse the troops, I think, great (food) adventures await!


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