windows down

Tonight I was driving home from a wonderful concert in someone’s backyard – the only downside being that it was sweltering all evening.  So, driving home, I put the windows down – it felt cooler than it had been just sitting outside, and I especially like driving at night with windows down.

As I drove up Enfield with the radio on, I heard some other music interfering, as if a party was going on nearby.  I looked around for a club confusedly, there aren’t any on that street.  Then I realized it was coming from the truck in front of me.

The truck changed lanes to turn left, and as I pulled up I recognized the music first.  It was unmistakable.  1992’s “Baby Got Back.”   The truck turned out to be a very low truck that was also a convertible (?!) and there were two college-age women in it bopping along to the beat.  They were probably still toddlers when the song came out!  I laughed as I pulled away.

And then I laughed at myself, when I realized what my radio was playing — Third Eye Blind… ‘doo do doo, doo do doo do’  [sing along now – yes, now it’s in your head]’

The things you learn when driving with the windows down.

PS – the movie “Yes Man” has a hilarious scene with a Third Eye Blind song in it…


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