albums on repeat…

Three quick music recommendations in chronological order:

1.  Vienna Teng – I’ve mentioned her before, saw her in concert this spring.  The new album is out and shows different styles of music well – her stuff just keeps getting better and better.  I love “Grandmother’s Song” and “Augustine.”

2. Lucy Wainwright Roche – I saw her open for Over the Rhine in May, and she was aMAZing.  She’s a former elementary school teacher who has a hilarious in-between-song presence!  And her music is thoughtful and beautiful.  I bought both albums on the spot.  The link is to her myspace, and check out the songs “The Worst Part” and “Chicago.”

3.  Matt Graham – performed at his art opening at 5619 Friday night.  (He gave the CD out to artists and friends and had them create album art!) I had never heard his music, but it was phenomenal and I’ve listened to it nonstop since I got it.  You can download the album at his site, and pay what you can.  My personal favorites are “a horse named faith” and “still in the fight.”

That’s all for now… Post any music suggestions you’ve got for me in the comments!


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