lessons learned from the ER

Things I’ve learned in the last week:

  1. I go into anaphylactic shock from iron dextran
  2. it feels pretty scary when you’re at the doctor’s office and they calls EMS
  3. EMTs are really awesome and it’s reassuring that they explain everything they’re doing
  4. ambulances are pretty well-designed on the inside, but also a little scary
  5. EKGs are really uneventful and involve lots of stickies
  6. good friends are really important… especially in emergencies
  7. there’s an ER doc in Austin who kinda looks like Anthony Edwards
  8. Walgreen’s is ridiculously busy at midnight
  9. steroids will really mess you up
  10. anaphylactic shock makes you feel like you have been subjected to the horrible life-sucking machine in “The Princess Bride” – leaving you exhausted from standing up for even a couple minutes
  11. showering while sitting down on the floor of the tub is relaxing
  12. it’s great to have friends look after you when you’re sick – both for hanging out, and for getting you water and food and giving rides.  Many thanks and props to kim, sam, leslie, tony, judy, austin, laura, angela, rebekah, kristen, rachel, nick, hannah, amber, melissa, emily, jessica, sarah, and heidi.
  13. packages are always fun, but especially when sick.  thanks janna!
  14. gerbera daisies are a bigger pick-me-up than I remembered.  thanks melissa!
  15. Anaphylactic shock is not as common as it seems from watching TV.
  16. baby Austin is super-cute and likes to laugh with me.
  17. Ada knows my name.  I’m ‘Brina.
  18. Naps are amazing.

I do feel like I’ve lost a week to lying on the couch with sore joints and an exhausted body.  But when I was awake, it was really nice to visit with friends and catch-up with people.

I love the psalms.  Leon texted me Psalm 20 on Sunday, and Bobby emailed me Psalm 30 this week.  Psalm 20 talks about needing God’s saving power, and 30 is thanking God for healing from sickness.

I went to acupuncture today, and while lying there letting the needles do their work, Psalm 23 came to mind.  It’s comforting that the shepherd is with me as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  I’ve had a few really sudden health scares in my life – I guess it keeps me on my toes?  Or… off my feet, as the case may be – I am forced to come to a stop and be still.

I have always especially loved the part that says that “goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”  And today, it was really meaningful.

Thanks to many for kind emails and phone calls.  I feel loved.

Now for more sleep – my body can’t seem to get enough of that these days.


4 thoughts on “lessons learned from the ER

  1. acg

    dude! i thought you got all your bad health karma out of the way in appendicitis and acl days 🙂
    very glad you’re ok.

    1. sabrinachannel Post author

      mm, yes, i wish I had gotten all the bad karma out then, but apparently not. 😦 Hopefully, I will not become acquainted with any more ERs… 2 in Austin is enough for me.

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