Easter is a party…

recipe for a good Easter day:

  • doing Lent and Holy Week in all its pain and darkness
  • visit friends’ church (b/c if there’s ever a day to go to church in the morning, it’s Easter)
  • Easter potluck with friends
  • a quick little nap
  • phone calls with family and an old friend
  • and a powerful Easter liturgy

I love that Mosaic tradition says pull down the coverings on the windows at the beginning of service to let the light in, and uncover the communion table – and singing a rockin’ version of Christ the Lord is Risen today. oh, and baby dedications, I love our kids. And I’m glad that we haven’t had anything catch on fire during Easter service since that very first one!

The wandering doesn’t end when Lent does – I wish it worked that way, a nice, neat bow on things by the time Easter comes. But, Easter is hope, is life, is courage because of the power of Christ’s resurrection. Do not fear…

I love seeing everyone go up for communion, and watching everyone go up today seemed extra special – an extra sense of family, maybe? Eating dessert, listening to Seth’s great post-liturgy playlist, and visiting with people made it even more of a party. Kids and grown-ups dancing around, celebrating, sharing, being real about life and fears and eating carrot-cake cupcakes. A group of us washing and drying dishes together afterwards, still partying.

Someday, the party won’t end.


One thought on “Easter is a party…

  1. Melissa

    DANG yo, this is so well written! I feel like I was there! WOW. No really, well done. It was a beautiful process, I feel the same.
    -The Other Sarcastic One


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