grandmother song… and pictures posted

Vienna Teng comes out with a new album on April 7 – I got an email saying so today.  Listened to a couple of tracks online that will be on the new disc.  One is called “Grandmother Song” and is written from the perspective of her grandmother giving her advice. 🙂  It made smile at first  – there are several pretty funny lines encouraging the granddaughter to find a more stable job, to find a husband, etc.  Then the song made me cry –

when the sirens wailed and the bombs fell // we ran from the schoolyards into hell  // what we could have been, time will never tell // cuz we never had your chances, the advantages, that you’ve been handed // girl you never know how hard it was //  so you’ve got to do this for all of us…. // take it from your grandmother I been around…”

Anyway, I’ve really been missing Hong Kong the last few days. So since I was looking at my pictures, I posted up a bunch more on my facebook.
Enjoy. 🙂


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