35 days… (a trip in numbers)

7 – sets of aunts and uncles that I got to hang out with

14 – cousins I also got to know better – they range in age from 12 to 49 (!)

24* – number of Cha Siu Bous eaten (I was shooting for one for each day but fell short)

10* – Hong Kong style milk teas consumed

4* – deep fried apple pies from McDonald’s eaten

70,000 – frequent flyer miles used

212.30 – US Dollars in airline fees

tons of Cantonese pronunciation, grammatical, and vocabulary errors

too many goodbyes…

and LOTS and LOTS of love for family here – I’m taking this one home with me. 🙂

* – these #s are probably each going up by one since I still have 2 meals left to eat in HK!


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