sent the sun over to y’all…

It’s been a wonderful few days here at Tao Fong Shan.  I’ll be sad to leave tomorrow, though it’s the beginning of a series of leavings before a series of arrivings.  I leave HK and arrive in the States on Jan 14.

Tao Fong Shan was started by a Norwegian as a mission to Buddhist monks – he was thinking a lot about how to contextualize Christianity for Chinese people, thus the classic Chinese architecture, etc.   The translated meaning is something like “the Mountain of Christ Wind”  Tao=Christ (it’s actually Word, like In the beginning was the Word…), Fong =wind, and Shan=Mountain.   It’s very peaceful up here away from everything…

view from TFS

view from TFS

I watched the sun go down tonight at this spot.  It was a wonderful few minutes to just stand, breathe in the air, and meditate.  I know that it’s the earth rotation, and all, but as the sun went down, I told her to say hello to y’all – all my friends and family.  🙂  So, hopefully that’s happening, about now.  The soundtrack for sunset was lovely too – Sigur Ros.

After the sun disappeared behind the mountain ridge, I walked back up to the chapel area and watched planes fly overhead.  We must be in the flightpath of planes heading east (back towards home…).  There were tons, every 2 minutes for quite a long time.  The sky was a beautiful blue, and the planes were so pretty.  I watched some more after dinner too, just as great in the night sky.

Isn’t HK at night beautiful?  All those city lights.. And this is just what is considered the ‘suburbs!’ 🙂


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