so much to say (4x)

I don’t have enough time to say much right now except a quick recap:

– Guangzhou was great, saw a lot of history stuff and also the house where my dad grew up! (he hadn’t even visited since he was 12)

– fun family dinners yesterday – lunch with dad’s side (12 of us), dinner with mom’s side (19 of us)

– my cousins (both sides) are hilarious.  It seems so nice that they get to see each other once a month.  I’m working on upping my average. 😉

– went to church yesterday (and last week) at St. Andrew’s – a great Anglican church here.  Yesterday was a communion service, which was wonderful, but it really made me miss _my_ church.  I’ll be back soon, Mosaic, don’t forget me!


One thought on “so much to say (4x)

  1. amber

    so glad to have stumbled here from filkins’ blog…
    and speaking for mosaic, we can’t forget you!
    traveling mercies sabrina, and aqui te esperamos when you’re feet land back in austin…



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