simple but yummy!

Dad arrived last night, so expect to see pictures of him soon.  But first, some food pictures – they aren’t glamorous, but super yummy!  This was our multi-course dinner just down the street from my grandma’s old house (dad’s side).

First, won ton noodles at this teeny wonton hole in the wall.  It’s been around for 30-40 years, but we think may have changed ownership.

wonton (under noodles), and awesome veggies

first: wonton (under noodles), and awesome veggies

Then, we went next door to the Australia Milk Company for breakfast food.  It’s sorta like house of pies in the sense that it’s breakfast food and famous for their desserts.  Notice that toast in HK is super-thick, actually thicker than Texas toast and less greasy too! 🙂

breakfast food - toast, eggs, and macaroni with bbq pork

second: breakfast food - toast, eggs, and macaroni with bbq pork

Lastly – two bowls of ‘den dan’ which I guess might possibly be translated as ‘shaken egg.’  (I have been known to mis-translate, what with this tonal language the words get confusing).  This is why we came to the 2nd restaurant – they’re famous for it – it can be eaten hot or cold (we got one of each) and is sorta like creme brulee or egg custard but way better!  I was so excited about it, we ate most of the hot one before I remembered to take a picture!

dun dan (steamed egg custard awesome)

dessert: dun dan (steamed egg custard awesome)

Off to Guangzhou in the morning for a couple days.  It’s a city of 10 million people about 3 hours away where my dad lived til he was 6.  I’m excited about hearing about his childhood and the family in general (we’re going with his older sister and her husband).

One place that I’m particularly excited about is the “Chan Family Ancestral Temple” or the “Chan Clan Academy” – basically back in the day since there were so many Chans in Guangdong, they decided to pool some money and build a great big house.  Those are my ppl!  Or at least, that’s my version of it right now.  Will let you know more later…

Oh yah – Beard Papa’s mission was accomplished, but I was actually a little disappointed with the creampuff that I had.  Don’t worry though, I am going to give it another chance!


3 thoughts on “simple but yummy!

  1. soapie


    looking fwd to reading a/b your trips of family history. when i visited cambodia and went to my grandparents place, it was surreal (esp since my grandparents are no longer alive). so i can’t wait to read about the ‘chan clan’. =)

  2. Alice Wei

    After years of speculating… I think we might be related afterall. The last time my sister went to HK with my parents they went to visit some part of Guangzhou where our Chan ancestors originated. I wonder if it was the same place. 🙂

    Last time I was there (6 years ago), KFC had the best portuguese egg tarts… do they still have those?

    Hope you are having a great time!

  3. Monica Chow

    OMG Australia Milk Company was CUHRAZY I went there toooo cuz our hotel was in Tsim Sa Tsui. i felt soo rushed from the moment we started lining up outside the place….did you feel the same way….i couldnt keep up with everything….eat fast, talk fast, leave fast….it was insane…..when we walked out i was like….woh what just happened….


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