A few things I’ve noticed (HK edition)

1.  There are a LOT of people in Hong Kong… some 7 million squeezed into an itty-bitty living space!  Everywhere I go, tons and tons of people.

2.  I am tall here. 🙂

3. High School Musical and Hannah Montana are really popular here among the middle-school set.  I learned this at dinner last night from my little cousin. 🙂

4. Uggs (UGh!) or something like them… are in here.  I keep thinking of JG’s line –  “I wouldn’t make Robin Hood or _any_ of his merry men take off their shoes…”

5.  Skype rocks.  🙂

skyping with the bug and bug's mom

skyping with the bug and bug's mom

6. MTR is great.  Check out this graphic for one of the stations – I think I told you about this last time Angela and wanted to get a picture for you!

Central Station guide

Central Station guide

7.  I can’t get wikipedia here.  I haven’t figured out if that’s because I’m behind the great firewall of china, or if it’s just some other glitch.

8.  Speaking Cantonese is easier this time, for which I’m really glad.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to more music – like Jin!  Fellow Canto speakers, check out his latest song at http://www.jininhk.com – it’s called Dor Jea (Thank You) – it’s interesting, it features Jaeson Ma which I didn’t think much of til I realized in the song that he’s talking about God and that Jaeson Ma is a pastor out in California (!)

9.  I am so glad to be bi-cultural these past few days.  I feel so rich with experience because of it.  There are lots of costs – lots of times in the States when I’ve hated being bicultural, getting to see extended family so little, etc.  but right now I’m enjoying the upsides.

10.  Being with extended family is pretty awesome.  Y’all who have extended family close by or get to see them more than once every 10 years… don’t take them for granted!  (Even if they may drive you a little nuts at Christmas time)

me and some of mom's side

me and some of mom's side

OK, done for now.  Off to have lunch with a college acquaintance who’s here on business.  Then later going with my aunt to pick up my dad from the airport.

And today’s mission:  Find BEARD PAPA’s in Hong Kong! YUM!

Food update – I’ve had dim sum twice already, and also had McD’s deep fried apple pies twice – fried is so much better than baked.


3 thoughts on “A few things I’ve noticed (HK edition)

  1. SweetTea


    it’s just too much on a rainy Tuesday morning to know that you’re eating apple pies and dim sum and hanging out with people we’re actually related to!


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