Changes come turn my world around…

Dear Lovely Reader,

I’ve moved!

It seemed about time to leave the xanga train, and update my virtual space.  It’s also just in time for what I hope will be some blog-worthy times in Hong Kong.

I’ve also actually moved… I’d lived in The Old House for over 6 years, and just moved to a new townhouse in a great location – there’s a basketball court, pool, and park about 50 yards away.

Still, change is tough for me.  On moving day, I texted one of my friends “Remind me never to do this again!”  It wasn’t just the amount of work, though there was a lot.  I had great help – my small group took the night to help move boxes, and many friends camed to help pack and unpack.  Leaving is always hard.  I remember the sinking feeling as we pulled away from first-house-I-remember to move to my parents’ current house.  It’s one of my only memories of being 10 years old.

Lots has changed since I moved into TOH.  I used to host huge groups of students over there, and had lots of great roommates come through.  The godson and his family lived down the street, and at 3 years old would push his bubble lawnmower over to help me cut the lawn. My godson is now 7 and a northerner. Though I’m nostalgic for those days, I’m glad now for conversations we have about his school and family over milkshakes.
godson and I with milkshakes


I’ve changed, too.  I’ve got a lot more experience under my belt, and I’m wiser for it.  As I think about it though, what I most hope is that I love better now than I did before.  And not love in the sappy way, but in the care-about-people-even-if-I-don’t-necessarily-like-you way, the tell-you-how-I-appreciate-you way, or the still-tell-you-the-truth-because-I-love-you way.

On a still-important, but cute video note – the biggest change in our family this year is a new member – heretofore referred to as the ladybug.  You can see why.  She’s pretty awesome.

ladybug niece

ladybug niece

Props to the first one to name where this post’s title comes from…
See ya ’round!

8 thoughts on “Changes come turn my world around…

  1. Jentuck Farra

    Over the Rhine, double album Ohio.

    I hope this move is an excellent one for you. That is one cute ladybug.

  2. Jentuck Farra

    P.S. Now I will have that entire album running in my head for a week. Did you know it was that easy to be the DJ of my mind?

  3. SweetTea

    Oh man. Too easy. “Changes Come” by Over the Rhine, Ohio, Disc 1.

    Also, you totally love better than you used to. And that’s not to say that you just appreciate the sandwiches I make you more.

  4. soapie

    aww sabrina! you left xanga? why why!! it saddens me, but as long as you keep writing, i’ll keep reading. =) Will you post pics of your new place? =)

  5. Kirstin

    i found you!

    what a cute godson (how big is he now, my goodness!) and niece.

    i look forward to seeing photos of the new house.


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