I feel a little lighter

A very good friend came in town this weekend to help me de-clutter and organize.  It was awesome to see how good she is at it, but also amazing to see how much stuff I had let stay in my house.  As we cleaned out rooms, filed papers, and straightened closets, all kinds of things showed up.  Lots of old AACM and staff papers, pictures, fun notes from friends, thank you notes from students, affectionate notes from old love interests, and lots of health insurance paperwork from 2 major surgeries.  (Yes, that is 2 major surgeries in the last 3 years, I gotta be more careful…)

It’s always hard for me to de-clutter because I get stuck reading everything or looking at things.  Each note brings back good times or regrets, but cleaning with a friend made it easier to talk about it for a second, and then be reminded to move on.  Thank God for community!

At church tonight, the text was Hebrews 12 – about running the race before us and throwing off everything that hinders us.  It fit the weekend perfectly.  It was also a confirmation of something I was thinking the other night, that to run the race for the next several months, I need to cut way back on TV. 

I felt lighter just walking into my clean house tonight, and feel excited about having way more time to read, pray, and chill out, now that I won’t be watching as much TV.  There’s something about Traveling Light… (which is also a Eugene Peterson book on Galatians that maybe I will pick up now…)

Anyway, here’s a picture that might also serve as a ‘before’.  The TV will be on a lot less from now on…


And here’s an after… 😉




One thought on “I feel a little lighter

  1. ahkelo

    i’ve been decluttering too! i finally hung curtains in my room and i’ve gotten rid of boxes and boxes of paper clutter, as well as a bunch of other things i really don’t need. it feels SO GOOD 🙂


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