4 months is a long time

4 months is a long time to neglect a blog.  But never fear, I’ve been up to some really interesting and fun stuff.   So much stuff, that I haven’t blogged, haha!  I’m not going to blog about all those things though, because dear reader (if there are still any out there), if you don’t already know the good bad and the ugly – there’s this amazing thing called email or phone. 😉 

Two observations from today:

Someone I only see every week or two asked me if I had gotten a new haircut or something (I haven’t).  Then she said, “I think you look well-rested.”  When I got in the car, I looked in the rearview mirror to see what that looks like on me – so I can remember.

My dentist could tell that I’ve been flossing!!  I felt so proud. 

all done.


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