all that talk

After all that talk, I finally did it. Took the plunge. Got clipless pedals and shoes to go with. I got them installed yesterday, and promptly took a nice fall in my backyard. Bummer. But took ’em out for a quick ride today, and had a blast! I can really notice the difference on hills, and it’s sorta nice to feel ‘one with the bike’ – except when you’re falling… I think Speedy likes it too (that’s my bike’s name).

It was a very short ride because I just haven’t been feeling well. I’ve been off and on sick for over a month now (more sick than well), so I took it very easy, but still tired out super-quick. Hopefully I’ll feel totally well, soon.

So the last few weeks have been crazy busy, thought I’d pull some pictures that give you an idea…

Here’s my awesome small group from Breakthrough’s What’s Next track…

daniel project crazies
At the Asian American Staff Conference… Daniel Project crazies. 🙂  Are they sure they want us to lead?

daniel project and mentors
looking more civilized, for a picture with the mentors and teachers. 🙂

my friend Morgan and I, high above San Francisco…

Exit Clov at Lovejoy’s during SXSW. The picture’s super-blurry, and you can’t really see Aaron or Brett, but I like how Emily and Susan are right in front of the angels on the backdrop.

Clov at Ruta Maya, this is the only one where you can really see John, the drummer

at the Rio for the official showcase. Awesome, just awesome. (fyi – the Rio used to be the Real World Austin house… confirmed by the crazy loud colors on the walls in the back area)

Unfortunately, my camera isn’t that good, and I also don’t have any pictures of my friend Ellen (cousin of the twins) who was in town too… but check the website, because they have better pictures there. 🙂 Despite the lack of pictures, I did get to see some other bands – most notably, the Polyphonic Spree. Amazing!

Whew, I’m tired. I’ll have to put up post-Spring Break pictures later…


3 thoughts on “all that talk

  1. khong11

    if i was ever a serious bike rider and had shoes that clipped into pedals…i bet i would feel claustrophobic. on top of falling down a lot. hahahaha.

    awesome daniel project photos! hahaha…i love christie and jerome. they look hilarious.


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