march 14 – ER day

It’s Pi day.  Yes, 3.14, in case you hadn’t heard (my sister reminded me tonight).  In my mind though, it will always be ‘emergency room day.’  A year ago today, I was supposed to be taking a prayer day.  Instead, I was puking my guts out (literally).  I prayed a lot that day, but not in the peaceful retreat kind of way, more of the, hurts-like-crazy-and-hanging-on-to-the-railing-for-dear-life kind of way.  Then, I was in the hospital and high on narcotics for 10 days.  Notice the order, puking, THEN drugs.  🙂

I learned a lot (experientially) about various medical tests, levels of narcotics, NG tubes (ugh!!), adhesions (scar tissue), small bowel obstructions, laparoscopic surgery, the frustrations of health insurance, and who the best nurses are on 3 East.  I also learned (experientially) about prayer, slowing down, listening to God, the importance of community, asking for help, knowing my limits, and how caring my friends are. 

It’s weird to think that a year has gone by so quickly.  And I’m still trying to learn a lot of those latter lessons – wanting to go deeper…

On a more superficial note, I used to think Austin tap water was pretty good.  However, it comes nowhere close to the water in Oakland.  Ah well, I am still very thankful that I have access to clean drinking water.  I’m also thankful to be back in my house, after being gone for a week.  SXSW craziness is here… as is one of my favorite bands – Exit Clov.  Check out for more info.




5 thoughts on “march 14 – ER day

  1. sabbychan

    mm, they didn’t stay here, but i did get to see them play 4 times over the last 2 days. I was hooked before, but now I’m even more hooked. 🙂

    Oh, I know them cuz the twins’ cousin, Ellen, is a friend of mine from Virginia, and she did stay at my place. It was a fabulous sxsw weekend.


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