learning and remembering

It’s a snow day (well, ice day) here in Austin – there was lots of ice everywhere this morning.  I’m sad, because I had planned on going with all the InterVarsity student leaders to the MLK celebration at UT this morning.  Last night, I told the student leaders some of the things our staff team most admires about him – his understanding and practice of grace and non-violence, speaking up for Truth and against oppression, and also his vision for multiethnic community. 

I’ve been thoughtful a lot of today – watched “American Experience: Citizen King” on PBS.  (PBS has also been showing Eyes on the Prize – which is great).  But the one I saw tonight focuses on Dr. King’s last 5 years.  I never realized how young he was when he was assassinated – only 39. 

Taylor Branch is an author who wrote a trilogy on America during King’s years.  It took nearly 10 years for each volume of it – the first is Parting the Waters (1954-63), then Pillar of Fire (1963-65) and finally At Canaan’s Edge (1965-68).  I read the first two several years ago (usually you can find them at half price books for not very much) – I had never studied this part of history in school, and was amazed by what I learned.  One night, reading my book at a coffeeshop, I started to cry as I read about the children’s march in Birmingham (1963) – how nearly a thousand children were rounded up and arrested, how police dogs and fire hoses were used against these young protesters.  I’m sure it looked quite strange to the others around – “That woman is crying into her tea because of a book?!?”  The final book of the trilogy just came out last year, and I am looking forward to starting it soon. 

Back at thanksgiving, I visited my godson Macrae and was able to give him this book called “Martin’s Big Words.”  On the title page, I told him that Dr. King is one of my personal heroes, and that I hope he enjoys reading about him.  It’s cool, because the book talks about how Martin’s dad was a preacher… Macrae’s dad is a pastor too.  I got to read the book to him a couple times when I was there – it was so special.  His parents are awesome, when we got to the part where it starts to talk about Rosa Parks and the bus boycott, he said… “hey… I know this story…” – he has a couple other books about the Civil Rights movement. Here’s a picture of us reading… and yes, my godson is wearing a cape… 🙂

xanga Sabrina and Macrae

The artwork in the book is AMAZING.  I love it, and have given, or am giving the book to a couple other great kids I know. 🙂

Hope you also got to remember and celebrate Dr. King today, whether it was icy outside or not!


4 thoughts on “learning and remembering

  1. writebikerun

    Sabrina, that is awesome! As a follow-up to the story, I read both Martin’s Big Words and Counting to Ten in Swahili to Macrae and Bennett on Monday. Laurel was out, so the boys had some fun time talking about MLK together. All three of us were able to count all of the animals in Swahili! However, MBW has become Bennett’s favorite this week. I have probably read it 8 times since then to him. (he usually gets stuck on a book a week, he is a little OCD that way 🙂

    We love you lots!

  2. Soapie

    funny … i watched the introduction to the MLK show on PBS (although i didnt watch the rest of the show unforunately) and i remember thinking… “this would be a show sabrina would like”. and then you end up writing about it!

    thanks for always reminding us about things that matter. =) hope you are staying warm!


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