now showing on PBS


This 4-episode documentary started airing this week on pbs – check your local listings for showtimes – – the episode on right now is called “Women of the Country.”  It’s amazing and saddening all at the same time.  

“”Women hold up half the sky,” Mao said. Yet for centuries their feet were bound and their horizons were narrow. Deprived of opportunities, China’s women suffered terribly. Today, Chinese women are starting to witness changes. The young in the cities have opportunities unimaginable to their grandmothers, who survived the Great Leap Forward, and their mothers, who denounced parents and teachers in the Cultural Revolution. Yet for millions of women in rural China, change remains painfully slow.”

“The government’s trying to convince the people that girls are as good as boys, but by 2020, there will be a shortfall of 40 million people.  Abduction and trafficking of women will increase…”  <sigh>  

Some of the sections were shot in XJ (Ktown) and remind me of some wonderful friends and a beautiful people.  

back at the ranch…
I’m still trying to kick my post-urbana cold.  It’s no fun to be sick.  Urbana though, was good, and then got to hang out with good friends in Houston afterwards too.  Not much else to say right now (I’m a little buzzed on medicine), plus, I want to finish watching this documentary.


7 thoughts on “now showing on PBS

  1. elderj

    It was a good piece they showed last night, at least the part I saw.  I stumbled across accidentally and wasn’t going to watch it because it looked depressing or maybe I thought it would be fullof western “look at these poor pitiful Chinese people don’t you wish they could be more like us” propaganda.  So well there was a little of that, but it was pretty good

  2. naling

    hi lady. =) it’s been a long time, but i wanted to say hi, let you know i’m barely alive and kicking, and let’s email or something so we can keep in touch better! that’s all.

  3. AgapeLuv3

    I got a text message from Lina telling me about it.  I couldn’t stay up to watch it but I did record it on my DVR.  A few of my friends who have a heart for China plan on watching it together and praying for China next week.  Feel better Sabby!

  4. Laffffalot

    Hey, I watched that too! I’m glad you saw it cause when I was watching it, and they started showing scenes in XJ, I thought of you, and also felt sort of sad that I didn’t get to go that year. 

  5. k00LkELLEy

    SABBY. i saw some of that on on pbs! i really wanted to watch it but my friend michelle made fun of me, no lies. how was it? sounds interesting!

    p.s. let me know if you can meet up some time soon. 🙂 loves you.


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