10 of life’s simplest pleasures…

So back in October, I got tagged by flightpath on this, and he included this challenge “And if think you don’t have time to do this, consider this a spiritual discipline of remembering God’s providence in everyday details. No excuses now.” 

It’s almost two months later, but I’ve had it in the back of my mind to do.  I need to be a little more thankful today.  So, here ya go, 10 of life’s simplest pleasures, in no particular order…

10. beautiful bike rides with sunshine and cool air
9. doing chores while bouncing around to happy music (today it was the backstreet boys…)
8. throwing a football with a friend
7. driving with the windows down, leaning an elbow out (especially if it’s in the passenger side of a friend’s pickup, and with tom petty playing)
6. making new friends – getting past the smalltalk, and getting to be real (it never ceases to amaze me)
5. reading a good book with a chai tea
4. walking on the tops of walls, you know, the ones that appear alongside sidewalks, or in front of buildings…
3. holding my friends’ really cute babies
2. having little kids remember you, and say your name (or sing to you!)
1. real conversations (like #6) with old friends, and even family (especially if we’re staying up way too late… and also remembering the things we’ve been through together)

This isn’t a _simple_ pleasure for me because it’s rather complicated and involves a freaking long plane trip – but I’d have to throw in, being with extended family (especially if it involves a ridiculous amount of karaoke with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles). 

Alright, I’m out.  I’ve got more cleaning to do – I’ve let the house be a wreck for most of the fall.  Time to try and remedy that.


3 thoughts on “10 of life’s simplest pleasures…

  1. k00LkELLEy

    you like backstreet boys?! i don’t believe you.

    p.s. janie tells me you’re in charge of/manning the “asian american lounge” at urbana… i will sooo see you there! 😉
    p.p.s. i miss seeing you/talking to you…sabbychan!

  2. sabbychan

    HAHA, yes. I do like the backstreet boys. It’s sad, but true. just the greatest hits album.

    I AM going to be at the Urbana AA lounge. can’t wait to see you. Guess what, my brother will be at Urbana too – so if you meet a guy who goes by ‘Chan’ from Virginia, that’s him. 🙂


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