november rain

Last Sunday after Mosaic, we went to Waterloo Ice House and in the midst of the Cowboy’s game and talking with friends, I thought I heard Steven Tyler’s voice and said, “Is this Aerosmith?”  Luckily, Todd corrected me.  Strange how I could misidentify a song that I loved so much in 9th grade. Ha!  G’nR all the way…

Everybody needs some time… on their own
Don’t you know you need some time… on your own
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain…   [angry guitar solo]

And then, you know, brilliant truths about how ‘Everybody needs someone.’ 

Can’t believe it’s already November… 2006 is quickly coming to a close.  I think I’m kinda glad – it’s been a doozie.  Not much else to say about that right now… 

And now, for a SHAMELESS PLUG.  More than Serving Tea – Asian American Women on Expectations, Relationships, Leadership, and Faith is now in print!  It’s by 5 staff friends… and I’m so excited about it that I bought a whole case – 52 copies – for students and staff ’round here.  Lemme know if you, happy reader, might want one. 


9 thoughts on “november rain

  1. aguafresca

    That looks like a cool book.  (Didn’t you write a book chapter for something at some point?  Is it in print yet?)

    That G’nR song was played at every dance I went to in sixth grade.  As sixth graders we had a ton of dances at people’s houses – usually in their garages or basements.  And every time that song played it was like a cue for everyone there to get all dramatic and start crying about some boy they liked or their parents’ divorce, or something.  Even the boys would be crying.  I think their other song, Don’t Cry, had the same effect.  Sixth grade was pretty much the worst for me.

  2. sabbychan

    You got it, Clara. I forgot to mention – Fara has a couple paragraphs in the book! Very cool!! I also have a short quote, but my name has been changed to protect my identity… 🙂

    And about my chapter I wrote in that justice book – I haven’t heard back in awhile – I need to follow-up on it…. And about GnR, ahh, the power of music to make us cry.

  3. flightpath

    i saw that book when i was surfing IVP’s website last week – looks really interesting! it’s great that the narratives of southeast and south asian women were included. i’d like to read it sometime.

  4. shue

    oooo i wants! 🙂

    HAHAHA i pasted November rain into my xanga on ‘private’ last year! AHhahAhA ^_^

    and we’ve come full circle…

  5. its_meeh_shenz

    Hi. You don’t know me…

    But I know Christie Heller De Leon. =D And she told me about that book, but didn’t tell me when it’s coming out. THAT woman! PSH!!!

    Anyway, your hair looks like Linda Leung’s hair, which is another IV staff. Do you know her?


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