for the last 24 hours, I missed the 90s

It started last night when I put on my  favorite long-sleeve sleeping shirt.  It was  a free shirt from my company at the time, AIM Investments. A ‘good job’ shirt, given to us for Y2K.  They gave it out the week of Christmas to the whole IT Department.  Small consolation for putting a freeze on all vacations during December.  Everyone was so worried about Y2K – I was supposed to be at our Datacenter at 6am on the first day of 2000, just in case.  Suddenly, I missed that whole era – a crazy apt with 4 hilarious women who were still at Rice, learning the ropes as a new network engineer, living down the hall from a guy I was just getting to know, and would later go out with…

I woke up this morning missing team sports.  I missed high school soccer, circa 1992, when we were figuring out how to be a team.  A city school with little budget, trying to compete with suburban travel-soccer stars.  I missed after-school practices in weather like today’s, and the thrill of beating a forward, and sending the ball downfield to a teammate.

Soccer was actually in the spring.  This time of year really reminds me of women’s flag football, circa 1995 – just one of Rice’s great traditions, but probably the one I liked the most.  I miss the feeling of sacking the quarterback, or that game we played in Rice stadium, but I really just miss the feeling of working together as a team on the field.  Since I woke up thinking about team sports, I wore my England soccer jersey today (a great gift from Tiffanie and Taylor’s trip to London)…

Walked around tonight a bit because the sun was setting and the weather was gorgeous.  This song came to mind, circa 1994, Indigo Girls’  – Mystery
I could go crazy on a night like tonight
when summer’s beginning to give up her fight
and every thought’s a possibility…

I came home and played the CD, and sang at the top of my lungs.  I get songs stuck in my head a lot, and my friends often notice me singing – even though I don’t notice that I am.  But in this last season of life, I feel like I haven’t sung as much.  I’m glad it’s back, if only for tonight.

I miss the 90s today, but I’m fine where we are now.  I certainly don’t wanna be 12-21 again…. 😉


6 thoughts on “for the last 24 hours, I missed the 90s

  1. bycpyt

    OMG, sabrina, i love that song too! Man, 1200 curfews is great.  i need to put that on my computer.  you know they went to Emory and still show their faces around quite a bit.  they did 2 concerts while i was in school there, it was awesome.  

    see you soon…. and join the lounge!

  2. Soapie

    i didn’t know you worked there? i just realized i have a good friend that works there too. she works there too.

    i miss you sabrina! whenever i go to borders, i think of you. =)


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