the bike is back

This week I finally got my bike tuned up, and took it to work. 6.92 miles to the office took 31 minutes, and the same distance back took 35 (there’s a slight elevation change…) It was a gorgeous coupla days in Austin, and I’m really thankful for the rain. It was nice to be back on my bike since oh, say February, you know, before the 10 days in the hospital and all that. 🙂


My bike is a Marin Muirwoods, I do have to admit that the fact that it’s from Northern California really did sway me just a little bit. My bike’s name is Speedy.

Last time I posted, I got some flak about the Avril Lavigne. I watched the trailer for “Fast Food Nation” (a good book, btw), and guess who’s in it? Yeah… apparently though, she also was the voice for the teenage ‘possum in a hilarious movie called “Over the Hedge,” which I saw back in May, in between weeks of camp. It’s possible that it was so funny because I was so tired and emotionally fried, but I think if I saw it again, I’d still think it was funny.

Speaking of… I should probably get some sleep. Hopefully, this post’s musical selection won’t get blasted. 😉


3 thoughts on “the bike is back

  1. k00LkELLEy

    i saw over the hedge! it was the only movie i saw ALL summer.

    glad you and your bike have re-connected. you should do some of those rides up here in austin. my dad is doing the lance armstrong, “live strong” race in october.


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