Little Miss Sunshine

Yesterday, Rebekah and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine – I had seen a preview, and heard that it was good, but boy was I not prepared for this.  Alamo South was packed, and we ended up sitting very close to the front.  But somehow being so close made the story even more funny and compelling, people looming like giants over us.

I laughed so loud at a family so dysfunctional that it took my mind completely off of crazy events of the past few weeks.  I cried a little at one moment of terribly raw pain and anger, but thankfully the pain was soothed some by a an amazingly poignant  hug.  The soundtrack was great.  At the end, folks in the theater clapped, and I joined in.  It was possibly the best movie I’ve seen this year.  I also really liked An Incovenient Truth, but that’s a totally different genre… 

Anyway, just so you know, it’s a dark comedy, with all that it entails (references to drugs, sex, etc – but what movie doesn’t these days?). The beauty pageant scene was especially disturbing to me, and I’m not even talking about Olive… the pageant itself freaked me out!  But like I said, I thought it was well worth seeing.

I like to be honest about what I’m listening/reading/whatever…. so, in full disclosure, this is the album that has been playing in my car the past few days.  Angela laughed today when she heard it.  But sometimes, you know, you just gotta. 


7 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine

  1. elalauine

    ooh i saw that movie a couple weeks ago, and i didn’t know what to expect, but it was really good!  i like seeing dysfunctional families and how they still love each other and work together and stuff.  i think everyone’s family is a little dysfunctional anyway.  🙂  hope you’re doing well, sab!

  2. uloveariel

    haha i had NOooooO idea that you listen to avril lavigne. i wanted to see an inconvenient truth! ooh i saw a poster of “the illusionist” the other day. i like edward norton’s movies. wonder if that movie is good.

  3. aguafresca

    I actually balled for the last ten minutes of the movie.  I guess laughing just didn’t feel adequate enough anymore.  I agree with what you said about the pageant.  On wikipedia it said that the other girls in the pageant were actually performing their real acts that they do when they’re in pageants.

  4. macewoo

    I saw Little Miss Sunshine about a month ago in a sneak preview…they had a free screening, so I went. With absolutely no idea what it was about, I went in thinking it was like “The Office” type comedy since it had Steve Carell in it….boy was i in for a big suprise.

    What a good movie!


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