43 minutes

I just watched a 43 minute segment of national geographic’s ultimate explorer called ‘china’s lost girls.’  It’s been in my netflix queue for many months, and I finally got around to watching it.  It discusses adoption of girls from China, and the societal issues that cause girls to be given away.  Parts of it made me super-sad and angry, (little girls getting abandoned in the park), and others were just beautiful (when an older adoptee hugs her new baby sister).  If you watch it (and I hope you do), make sure you have tissues close by.


3 thoughts on “43 minutes

  1. k00LkELLEy

    sabbychan…where did you get that? i wanna watch it. i really have an interest in orphan baby girls over in china. have you heard of the organization called “china care”?

  2. flightpath

    thanks for the heads up – i actually own colossians remixed and have made some significant headway into it. you’re right, it’s very much along the same strain of thought as what we are learning about.

  3. sandy_srilanka


    Two Tales in One And Two Dreams    

    “When I was born, I did not know that I was in a small town called “Concordia” (Harmony), in Argentina. I was so small, so cold, and so helpless. So beautiful. In the beginning, everything was beauty and harmony, like me. But for one reason or another my mom was not by my side. I did not know why. If she only had known how much I longed for her. But my strength was not enough to tell her. My voice was too low to claim for her and tell her that the world, that unknown place, was a place too big for me to live in. I cried in silence, and dreams and reality became one. I was too weak to realize, to weak to decide whether it was a dream or not. Cycles of voices and sounds around me, followed by deep long silence. And isolation. Long dark isolation and a waiting room to nothing. Time went by, and I kept longing for her. I managed to raise my voice and everybody came to me, but her. I claimed for her, over and over again, and a new cycle was founded – claim, sleep, dream…claim, sleep, dream…”   “I was small, and yet I had a dream. I dreamt of growing up until I became a woman and then have many children. Playing around with them and calling them by their names; taking care of them and being together in life, and forever. But in my dream, the same dream everyday, something went wrong. I looked for my children everyday, everywhere. I asked everybody. Nobody would answer. Anguish and distress were the raw material of those dreams. WHERE are you? WHY is it that I cannot see your face? Why do you run away from me every time I am about to reach you? Farther and farther…  


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