Thursday July 27, 2006

Lucky for y’all, I got tagged by aguafresca

I AM: back from vacation, and procrastinating projects
I WANT: to clean my house better
I WISH: I had 20/20 vision
I HATE: injustice and inefficiency (not on the same level)
I MISS: California
I FEAR: bugs, especially cockroaches – though I have killed several this month.
I HEAR: KCRW sessions – Patty Griffin’s live version of ‘when it don’t come easy’.  wow
I WONDER: if I’ll ever finish this project, or if I’ll always live in Texas
I REGRET: not resting very much in the last 5 years of staffwork
I AM NOT: really ready for the school year to start
I SING: often, to myself, in the car, etc
I CRY: more than people think I do – often when I’m tired, or watching movies.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as serious people as think I am
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: high-fives
I WRITE: not as much as I want to

I CONFUSE: people’s names sometimes
I NEED: fudgesicles – HEB was out of them last night

I SHOULD: write more often
I START: lots of essays and articles
I FINISH: very few of them
I TAG: everyone, no one, and I don’t know. 🙂

pictures from vacation are coming next time… and i’m not quite listening to this album yet, but it’s coming to me in the mail tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Thursday July 27, 2006

  1. flightpath

    welcome back. yes, i watched that KCRW session of patty. she seems to sing so effortlessly…amazing. i’m seeing her in a few weeks in north carolina.

    rest up!

  2. IloveRansom


    I want to give you 2 “eProps” for your insightful comment about not getting enough rest in InterVarsity staff in the last 5 years.  Go & do it girl, take that Sabbath!!

    I’m new to this Xanga thing & it just took me 5 minutes to find out how to write a comment to you!  If I can figure it out, I’m going to subscribe.  It’s been pretty cool going through the “InterVarsity Staff Blog Ring,” & reading everybody’s.  We are all so unique in our own ways —just makes me love my staff people so much more!

    Hope your having a good day.  (p.s. you look gorgeous in those pics of you at the wedding!)

    c ya,

    gracee biskie


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